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Looking to buy in the Austin area?

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Austin is growing by leaps and bounds!  With so many Austin real estate options to choose from, you need an agent that will aggressively and intelligently market your property.  Many people have jumped into the real estate game with no experience and no real commitment.  We see it all the time.  But your Austin property shouldn't be someone else's guinea pig.  Choose an Austin REALTOR® with proven experience and results.  If you haven't chosen an Austin REALTOR® yet, make sure your candidates can answer these tough questions:

  • What are the hottest growing areas in Fulton County and the Atlanta area?
  • If it's Atlanta investment property you're after, which areas are the most promising for rentals and flips?
  • What are the benefits and pitfalls of buying Atlanta preconstruction?
  • What urban development projects might affect the value of Atlanta real estate?
  • Which areas of Atlanta are ripe with affordable gems?

You've come to the right place to find your dream home in Atlanta, or in the popular surrounding areas of Fulton County.  Whether you're looking for an estate, an executive home, a luxury condo, a retirement villa, a historic home, a downtown loft, or anything else in the greater Atlanta area — I can help you!

My service area includes:

  • Travis County real estate
  • Williamson County real estate
  • Lee County real estate
  • Bastrop County real estate
  • Caldwell County real estate
  • Hays County real estate
  • Blanco County real estate
  • Burnett County real estate